handy-flex® 200o

  • version ceiling suspended
  • version single column 360° rotatable
  • all axes round rod guided
  • torque reaction: Mz 60Nm, Mx 35Nm, My 35Nm
  • linear ball bearing in all axes
  • suspension for spring balancer type 9338-9339, brand Tecna

Not in scope of supply:

- spring balancer
item no. series designation code max. payload [N] stroke vertical axis [mm] stroke horizontal axis [mm]
24896 hf200o handy-flex 200o hf200o 80 500 300


spring balancer types for handy-flex 200o with payload table

  • aluminium die-cast housing
  • stainless steel cable
  • low-friction cable guide
  • additional saftey suspension
  • adjustable upward travel stop
  • isolated spring hook fixture
  • spring fracture protection
  • customs tariff number: 84289090
  • origin country: Italy

item no. series designation code min. payload [N] max. payload [N] weight [kg]
10325 hf200 spring balancer 9339 FZ9339 0 60 3,7
10326 spring balancer 9340 FZ9340 20 80 3,9

Note: The pay load data in the table refer to the base type 10332 with a horizontal extension of 300mm