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According to this devise, Jäger Handling GmbH has been realizing various tasks and solutions for hand-guided and semi-automatic handling systems for more than 25 years. With our many years of experience in the automotive and commercial vehicle sectors, construction and agricultural machinery sector we offer high-quality handling solutions for industrial screwdriving technology assembly Made in Germany.
With the technical know-how in solving a wide variety of tasks and their implementation, we have developed our Jäger Handling modular kit, which can be used very flexibly for screwdriving requirements.
Our kit is the consistent conversion of innovative ideas into successful products that are used worldwide.
Our construction kit is the consistent conversion of innovative ideas into successful products that are used worldwide.
We focus on a Keep it Simple solution with regard to ergonomics, state of the art and user benefits.

Target markets and distribution channels


  • automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers
  • automotive suppliers Tier 1 and Tier 2
  • mechanical and plant engineers
  • manufacturers of screwdriving technology and general industry

You can find a comprehensive list of our customers and partners under the references tab.
Fields of Activity (Automotive)

  • axis assembly
  • gearbox assembly
  • motor assembly
  • final assembly


Supported by the Rural Development Programme
The project "New construction of an office and production building" is supported by the development program for Rural areas (ELR) (ERDF 2014-2020).

This promotion contains EU funds of the EU-fund "Innovation und Energy Transition" EFRE 2014-2020 from the promotion line "Spitze auf dem Land! Technologieführer Baden-Württemberg" (engl. "Best performer in the country! Technology leader Baden-Württemberg") of the Rural Development Programme. "Investing in your future."

Project: New construction of an office and production building for Jäger Handling GmbH
Goal of the project: Development and production of handling devices for screwdriving technology.

Corporate history

  • 1991

    Foundation of the engineering office Jäger
    Design service provider for special machine construction.
  • 1996

    New construction of an design office with workshop in Kocherweg 20
    Design and production of handling solutions for screwdriving technology.
  • 1998

    Change of name to JÄGER Handling GmbH.
  • 2002

    New constuction of an assembly hall with an area of 18m x 24m (432m²).
  • 2009

    First participation in the professional fair "Motek" in Stuttgart
  • 2010

    Extension of the assembly hall with air-conditioned offices.
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  • 2012

    Rental of additional external production and storage space.
    Expansion of the machinery park
  • 2017

    Move into the new building in Kocherweg 28
    Grouping of the production in Kocherweg 20 (plant 2)

Information about the building

  • Estate's area: 8068 m²
    Total commercial area: 2460 m²
    Office area: 660 m²
    Assembly hall area: 1200 m²
    Cold storage hall area: 600 m²
  • JÄGER has generous extension areas for production and assembly on the new building.
  • The new building is esigned for sustainable management and energy-efficient maintenance
  • Use of geothermal energy in winter for heating buildings
  • Cooling in summer due to substrate temperature
  • Heating and cooling with concrete core activation via ceiling (no air conditioning, no radiators)
  • Sound-absorbing ceiling panels, indirect, motion-dependent lighting
  • New construction supported by EFRE (European Fund for Regional Development), JÄGER Handling one of 12 supported companies in Baden-Württemberg, max. 400.000 €. The funding guidelines were "Spitze auf dem Land! Technologieführer für Baden-Württemberg" and „Innovation und Energiewende“