[c=check-handle] elektrischer Handgriff mit Anwesenheitskontrolle
Product Benefits:

  • due to the compact, modular construction and functional design,the c-handle can be adapted to nearly any application
  • ergonomic handle design enables operation without tiring
  • the operator hand (without glove) will be recognize by at least 3 sensor fields at the shell surface of the handle and switch the respective digital output. This equipment feature is usable for saftey-related parts until Plr ≤ b in accordance ISO 13849-1
  • cable connection pluggable directly at the handle housing
  • attachement c-handle with ball/without ball
  • optional: with flange connection
  • optional: hand lever for manual remote control of mechanical indexing

Technical Properties:

  • temperature range 5°-60°C
  • weight approx. 400g
  • operating voltage 12V–30V
  • operating current <100mA
  • load current max. 100mA for each output
  • ESD-capable
  • input and output signals 24V DC with 24V supply
  • electrical life time > 10,000,000 switch cycles

Commercial data:

  • customs tariff number: 85365019
  • country of origin: Germany

Configuration options

item no. variant c-handle code presence check
58017 with presence check CHC


EPlan/PPlan Makro
operating instructions