[d=dead-handle] handle made of fiber glass reinforced plastic
Products benefits:

  • due to the compact, modular construction and functional design, the d-handle is versatile usable
  • ergonomic handle design enables operation without tiring
  • attachement d-handle with direct-, ball- or flange connection
  • optional: hand lever for manual remote control of mechanical indexing

Technical properties:

  • weight basic type approx. 100g
  • handle made of fiber glass reinforced plastic
  • ESD-capable

Commercial data:

  • customs tariff number: 84799070
  • country of origin: Germany

Configuration options

item no. variant d-handle code
58011 direct connection DH
58106 with ball connection Ø35 mm DHK
58108 with flange connection 40 mm x 66 mm DHF